Pastor Don Volks was installed as the Pastor of HLC on April 6th, 2013.

Church Council

Church Council:

  • is elected by the congregation
  • serves two-year terms
  • supervises worship, education and ministries
  • supervises paid staff
  • oversees all committees

2013-2014 Council Members and Officiers

John Young - Co-Chair

Clarence Edelman - Co-Chair

Mary O'Dea - Secretary

Debi Reischman - Treasurer

Pauline Wright - Member At Large

Jerry Morgan - Member At Large

Don Langshaw - Member At Large


Volunteer Committees serve to guide the Ministry.

  • Finance -Oversees all financial activities of the congregation, regularly reports current financial status to the congregation, and arranges annual audits
  • Christian Education - Helps select programs 
    for adult Sunday School and bible studies, recruits teachers, and develops other educational activities such as movies and book reviews
  • Worship and music - Works with the pastor to select approriate music and services
  • Property Development - is responsible for maintaining and improving the church buildingand grounds
  • Stewardship - informs and educates the congregation to establish an effective giving program
  • Parish Life - Develops and oversees activities which foster fellowship within the congregation
  • Neighborhood Missions - provides emergency help within the community
  • Global Missions - Coordinates support for missions throughout the world
  • Lay Visitation - coordinates visits to members who are ill, shut-in and/or in assisted living
  • Altar Guild -

There are 3 committees who only work on an annual basis:

  • nominating committee solicits candidates for out-going council members
  • budget committee works with all committees to construct a budget for the following year
  • audit committee arranges an annual audit of all financial transactions.